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Hockey EMERGENCY LED 2.5W REF 5551220

Hockey EMERGENCY LED 2.5W REF 5551220

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2.5W LED EMERGENCY  REF: 5551220    LED emergency luminaire for installation in 

surface. Made of high quality ABS and PC. 

Equipped with Epistar brand led and a battery 

nickel-cadmium that lasts up to 3 hours. in mode 

emergency. This luminaire can be connected in 

non-permanent or permanent mode, take a good look at the 


Available in 100 lm and 300 lm version.    materials: ABS+PC 

Chip: EPISTAR SMD 5730

driver: i-TEC series

battery: Ni-Cd 3.6V / 1.8 Ah

duration: 3 hours.

input: AC 220 ~ 240V    6500K    100lm

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