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20W Solar Panel With VT-60W LED Floodlight

20W Solar Panel With VT-60W LED Floodlight

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V-Tac VT-60W LED headlight with 60W of power and black aluminum body. It consists of 2 independent units: polycrystalline solar panel with fixing support and spotlight with integrated battery. Suitable for outdoor use thanks to the IP65 degree of protection. SMD LED with 120° light beam and luminous flux of 1650 lm. This lighthouse has the particularity of being autonomous and therefore it can be installed even in places where electricity does not reach. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery (10000 mAh) and a solar panel that guarantee an autonomy of 4 hours (charging time 8 hours). The peculiarity of this lighthouse is to have an independent solar panel, with a 5 meter long cable. In this way it is possible to place the panel exposed to the sun, and the headlight inside (like a garage). Thanks to the included remote control (2 AAA batteries included) it is possible to turn the lighthouse on and off, adjust the light intensity (100% / 50%), set different shutdown timers and activate the automatic function that through the intelligent sensor ( twilight sensor) will turn on the headlight when the light goes out. 2 color temperatures: Natural Light 4000K SKU 8575 and Cold 6000K SKU 94010. Dimensions: 270x70x238mm.

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